Thursday, August 2, 2012

Goddess of a Forest


                   The Arsaguerra Clan was devastated by the doctor's pronouncement regarding their prized and
most precious kin, DELFIN. The medical team could not detect just yet what precisely the cause of Delfin's
severe and successive vomiting was. And he spewed a greenish liquid, coupled with lucid, brown specks.
                    Delfin's father, Marlon, immersed his distorted face onto his sweating palms. Like his wife,Evelyn, he too, was at a loss of words for the sudden turn of events in the history of the affluent Arsaguerra of Sao Paolo, Brazil.
                    "Doctor, If I pay you all my wealth, will you heal my son?", Marlon Arsaguerra pleaded in a hazy and delusional way.
                    "Rest assured Mr. Arsaguerra, our medical team is conniving for the best possible solution to your son's case." Dr. Rigaldo squeezed Marlon's back like he always did  whenever Marlon dropped by for his chest check up
                    "How can this be?", Cecilia,Delfin's mother threw her head in agony, while wiping big tears on her pale cheeks. "He's been healthy all his life."

               "Delfin met a wonderful, amazing woman when he retreated in his villa." Felizzo,a family friend, volunteered an information,which to him, seemed to be the key to the Arsaguerra's dilemma. "He locked himself up for almost a month, never showing his naughty face to me."
                Delfin has been educated in an Ivy League School in the United States and has just recently graduated from his Entrepreneurial course. He has come home to Sao Paolo for a much needed hiatus. 
He hasn't embraced the winds of Brazil for four years. When he was based in the US, his parents visited him often.
                "What kind of woman and why would she be linked into a family matter?," Marissa crossed her legs, and peered through the glass window. She was Delfin's trusted, loving elder sister. 
                "Delfin told me once this woman would sneak into the back of his kitchen and joined him in his room." Felizzon narrated, fired up by his very active memory. "He even bragged that the woman lived in a forest nearby."
                 Marissa twisted her mouth in revulsion. "Forest? There's no visible forest in our beach resort.We
do have a neighboring hill."
                 Felizzo reconsidered his thoughts in split seconds. "Whatever. He was entranced by this woman and frequently followed her to her abode.Possibly...THE FOREST. 
                      "Mother, Felizzo mentioned a woman from the villa...", Marissa said softly, barely above a whisper."We must find her."
                      "Your brother kept calling a name. He kept saying DIOSA...DIOSA..."
                      " Felizzo said Delfin has carried with him something that belonged to the woman."
"Your brother told me about a majestic crown. He said it's hidden and it's buried in a specific location."
                       Marissa led her mother to the side of the ICU Room where Delfin was fighting for his life.
                       "Mother, tell me about the forest near our villa. In all my years there, I never saw it. Never went there." Marissa was intent on hearing the bold truth.
                       "Our forefathers warned us about resisting a voice from this woman. Her voice emanated from deep woods but we didn't exactly where. They said if we ever welcomed her voice, she would materialiaze and ensnare us into oblivion."

              It was way past midnight and Delfin's recurring  nightmare  enveloped him once more,caging him in half-madness and creepy sensation. 
              "Oh my Delfin", the voice of a woman awakened him from a confusing slumber."WHERE IS THINE CROWN? DELFIN...DELFIN...THY CROWN!". The voice reverberated from a cold tomb, out from a palatial milieu. 
               "You! You destroyed my life!" His own voice was hoarse and bitter. "What have you done?"
               "DELFIN...WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? MY CROWN...IT WAS MINE. The dark tanned woman drew closer to the delirious patient who was once hers. "WHOEVER TOUCHES THE CROWN DIES...WHOEVER STEALS IT SUFFERS GREATLY."
                "I sold your crown.I'm sorry but I can get it back to you. Just give me back my life.Please!" He cried in debilitating gasps and reached for her lustrous hair-the very same spot of the DOOMED CROWN.
                 The woman's facade was very bright now. A crown dripping with jewels adorned her face.
                  She was naked...and FIERCE.