Monday, April 24, 2017



"I fell in love with it the instance I laid my eyes on its structure." Beverly confided in her best friend Ellie. "So I did not think twice about shelling out my last pocket money." 
Beverly has just come back from her two-week trip to Puerto Rico where she mixed both business and pleasure. She is a noted collector of antique accessories and has an agent to help her get into the latest auctions of precious stones and pendants. 
Ellie volunteered to pin the brooch on her satin blouse. The moment she attached the brooch onto her peach blouse, she gasped and complained of a chest constriction. She also went terribly pale.
"What's wrong with you?" Beverly half-mockingly teased her bestie. "It's just a harmless brooch!". 

The next day and the following day after that, Ellie did not make her presence known. Beverly began to be frantically worried. So she called Ellie's pad. No answer. She tried again for about four or five times but to no avail. 
A few minutes later, three hard knocks were heard from her back door. It was Ellie's brother Gaston. He himself was paler than ash. "My sister was rushed to the ICU...she couldn't breathe...she's fighting for her life."
ASTHMA. Beverly has always been a witness to Ellie's ashmatic past. But this case was, by far, the most abrupt and the most bewildering. 
"Okay I will freshen up for a while and I'll go." She asked to be excused. 

Barely a month after she bought the brooch from an antique store in Puerto Rico, she contacted her agent and relayed the sad news of her bestie's sudden demise. Beverly hasn't recuperated from the tragedy and sought answers from healers and mystics about what has just happened to Ellie. Her agent gladly went back to Puerto Rico for a few days to investigate the origin of the PURPLE BROOCH. 
Beverly got the shock of her life when her agent explained to her how the darned brooch got into her hands. And it was no accident. 
"Beverly," her agent narrated, "the purple brooch was said to be originally owned by a very wealthy Sultan. He carried and wore his favorite brooch wherever he went specially on special occasions and public gatherings. The people admired his brooch each time it shone brightly. There was no other brooch in his Kingdom that could equal the glitter and grandeur of the brooch."
"And?" Beverly was wide eyed.
"Unfortunately," Her agent went on. "He got very ill and was bedridden for a year. Before he died, he asked his wife specifically to take care of his beloved brooch and instructed her to keep it aligned in their ancestry."
Beverly leapt from her bed excitedly for the next part of the story. "What did the wife do?".
"The wife was very materialistic and since she knew the exact value of the brooch..."
"SHE SOLD IT!" Beverly finished the thought.
"Yes, and for centuries, the brooch was passed on from multiple owners to the next ones...and there were always unexplained deaths left behind."
'How did the victims die?".
"Always by suffocation and dying in their sleep."

Beverly glanced at her agent in a very disconcerting manner. "But I've worn the brooch  myself a couple of times. Nothing severe happened to me!." 
Her agent said in a powerful tone, "YOU ARE A DEAD RINGER FOR HIS WIFE." He showed her an ancestral picture of the famed couple and couldn't believe what she saw. The former wife of the Sultan really did resemble her in every way. They were like sisters from different eras. 
"The Sultan will not harm you because probably his brooch is back to you.,..back to his wife's utmost care."